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Pasta Cookery 101

Pasta Cookery 1o1

When making a pasta at home here a few quick tips to making yourself a souls satisfying meal. Begin at the grocery store and always buy yourself a high quality duram wheat pasta. Barilla, DeCecco, Colavita are some of the few easy to find brands. While there pick up a bottle of great quality olive oil, this may take some research but the oils that come from the Tuscany and Puglia regions that are extra virgin first pressed are some that you want to focus on, Luccini is an excellent choice if budget fits and Costco has one that is called Tuscan brand by Kirkland that is pretty good and a great value. Ok so now you have your pasta and you have your olive oil so whats next? Now you want to find the best tomatoes you can get, the San Marzano DOP are excellent we like Ciao and Centobrands and they are easy enough to find. I also love NJ Fresh Tomatoes and I think they make a great sauce if you want to get a locally made product. Now head over to the vegetable section and pick up a Spanish onion, basil  and  garlic. Now with these key ingredients you can make yourself a great bowl of pasta. 

Marcella Hazan has a nifty trick in making tomato sauce and it really works. You take you sauce pot, add a nice plug of oil, add some garlic, as much or as little as you like. You can also add red chili peppers if you like a little kick. Sauce the garlic for a few minutes on medium heat until it browns but don't let it go till it burns as it can make the dish bitter. Once browned you can add your tomatoes and  then you take an onion, peel the skin off, cut it in half and toss into the sauce. Bring the sauce to a boil and then reduce to simmer. Let it cook for 45 minutes, taste and here you will add in your salt and if you feel it needs it you can add some sugar. Some people don't like sugar and the San Marzano tomatoes typically don't need them but I won't call the police if you use some sugar. 


Now your sauce is set, you have tasted and adjusted your seasonings. Boil a pot of water with 3 big pinches of salt, make sure your water is salty. Cook your pasta 2 minutes less than the package asks for. Pull your pasta out, and toss it in a pan with the sauce and allow them to cook together at medium for 1 minute. Pull the pan off the heat, throw in a handful of grated parmigiano and you have a meal for the gods. Buon Appetito!


                                           Does it get any better than a Spaghetti with Tomato Sauce & Basil?